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Address: No. 37, KP6, sugar Bui Van Hoa, Long Binh Ward, Bien Hoa, Dong Nai 

Tel: 061.3994841 - Fax: 061.3994606 - dn: 0909.328164

Email: thanhnienxp_thinh@yahoo.com - Website: www.thanhnienxp.com

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Dear To: - The Company Director

                             - Mr. (Mrs.) ø Chief of Administration personnel

                                  - The board office related.

DEAR Company!

        The first word we want to send a thank word about faith and fiber optic Congratulations You always nuoic Khang Company prosperity. In order to meet the higher demands regarding day business operations of the enterprise production themselves, those hope the following information will be recruited partnerships and employers cuau Quuy Company.

       XP is the Company Youth Department of Planning and Investment - Business Registration Office of Dong Nai Province and Dong Nai Province Department LNTBXH licenses. With a team of technical staff from, dynamic staff and resources daoo foreign labor supply response.

       DEAR company in the process manufacturing business of his business, is very labor need a team working on an application or need a short-term annually the number of employees working long-term stability for the manufacturing process. Trends in conditions such as lack of human resources is now most of the businesses transferred to employers mechanisms Leasehold (lease-time service workers, labor hire employment in public contracts in each application form annually) of the The Company has provided service functions applicable labor, employment referrals, public functions in the face of industrial goods, industrial hygiene ...

       On the local table Dong Nai Province XP Youth Company is a company providing leading response workers have enough prestige and power capacity with nearly two thousand workers workers have mental responsibility, have appropriate skills, attitudes level work seriously courteous is providing work in the industrial factories Company has invested capital in foreign countries and five tables on local industrial parks and outside industrial zones in Dong Nai Province region and its neighboring provinces . Be made with the specific job such as: Packing Worker packaging, label stamps, vertical manufacturing factory workers, workers employed in production lines (garment, electronic, skin thickness ...), workers assembling electronics, wireless book was published with co-workers, industrial workers sanitation, BOAC doo goods and other jobs in the manufacturing process.

       XP Youth Company secured Fully equipped uniforms and benefits as well as the social insurance scheme, health insurance, accident insurance ... as provided by law for employees who are working at the initiative of the Quarter production company.

Specialty: offer applicable labor and leasing)

* In addition our Company introduced the remaining human resources workers full capacity good quality ethical requirements be met Penal You employment of the Company.

       We become very desired partner is vitally long-term reliability and Company For You on human resources and the most effective. /.

Congratulations Dear You on every successful company sector.

The Company You need to provide more information or table report public employee labor cost price. Every information please contact:

                        Youth Company Limited X.P

Address: No. 37, Building 5, KP6, Bui Van Hoa Street, Dist. Bien Hoa, Dong Nai Province.

Email: thanhnienxp_thinh@yahoo.com

Website: www.thanhnienxp.com

Phone: 0613994841/0618899785 Fax: 0613994606

NTDN: 0909.328.164 (Duc Thinh Director)

                                                                                   TM. Youth X.P Public Company Limited


                                                                                Ton Duc Thinh

Mailed tutoring referral interest:

- Business Licence facility investment plan issued

- Referral authorization Giaap jobs and provide emergency response workers LNTBXH PROPERTY

- Verification of the bank to sign you.