Labour supply services
"At this difficult economy, the more I find to thank Vietnam farmers, business people always have, hard to maintain their lives and participate in research to help the country's economy" - Professor Nguyen Dinh Khang (photo) - former Director of the Institute of Economics - Politics - expressed. GS Appeals also said that one of the perpetrators of these distortions to the economy today is "interest groups", must be prevented in time.
48% recruitment needs in HCMC in May as unskilled workers, concentrated in the textile sector, sales, art, serving ... but many companies "fortune" is not a person, even when applied over poles, walls. > Graduated home worker > Chief Accountant mass unemployment
The country has about 857,000 unemployed, of which women accounted for the majority of the rate of 53.8%, as of early 2013. > Graduated, home worker